We are brand new school in a brand new development, Green Park Village. We aim for our school to be at the heart of our community.

As we are part of a community, we aim for our school families to be considerate to our Green Park Village resident neighbours and we welcome consideration towards our school families from Green Park Village residents.

Here is the school’s infographic from Reading Council. Further details on School Travel in Reading can be found here.

Before the school opened, a Travel Plan was submitted. The core themes of this Travel Plan are encouraging walking, biking or scootering to school, and where this is not possible, using public transport (bus or train) or car sharing. The Travel Plan is reviewed within each school year. Reading Council advise a ‘park and stride’ or a ‘5 minute walking bubble’ in their information. 

Green Park has its own designated ‘Green Buses’ and there is a bus stop within metres of the gates of the school. There is a new route which goes from South Reading via Whitley and the timetable is hereGreen Park Railway Station is within a five minute walk and timetable information can be found here– Reading/Basingstoke line T14.

Families who live very local to school in Green Park Village itself are expected to walk to school.

Families who live a little further are encouraged to car share with other families and to use the seven designated drop off spaces in Market Square.

The public transport options can be found here.

The school is fortunate to have the use of seven such pull in spaces (parking parallel), however this is the extent of the parking available as Flagstaff Road is a private road.

Important notice to families and visitors:

Parking restrictions

Flagstaff Road is a private road and the owner utilises a parking management company to enforce parking restrictions through the use of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). These FPNs are used on all of Flagstaff Road (where the school is situated), outside of the pull in spaces.

Parents and visitors are strongly advised to read and understand the parking signs in the area.  Scheduled visitors are able to park in the school’s small carpark.


Travel Plan circulation:

The full Travel Plan is shared with REAch2, Reading Council and local linked agencies or services: Berkeley Homes, Green Park Estates, First Port Management Services and the school’s neighbour, Huntley Place. If a copy is desired, please email [email protected], indicating your name, role and the reason behind the request.