Learner Leadership

All children are encouraged to be leaders of their learning. All children are expected to be responsible members of our school community and to contribute positively.

There are exciting and very specific roles for the children to hold to increase and develop their roles and influence with their school community. Intentionally, there are a range of elected, selection process based and voluntary roles. This enables opportunities for all, whilst reflecting ‘real life’ processes which the children will face in their exceptional futures.

School Councillors

Each class is able to elect two representatives to the School Council. This election is completed via a full democratic process, in line with our work on British Values. The School Council is an opportunity to raise and discuss matters pertinent to school life. The School Council Chair and Vice Chair, will meet with Miss Jackson, Head Teacher fortnightly after the School Council meetings are held to share the School Council’s views. The School Council will also write a report for the Local Governing Body (this might be with adult help).

Eco Warriors

Children with a passion for looking after our world are welcome to become Eco Warriors. Being an Eco Warrior is an active role in looking after the environment of our school, encouraging all to care for our world in the small ways we can.

Play Leaders and Mentors

To support all children at playtimes, a team of Play Leaders and Mentors are trained to encourage play and kind behaviours to each other.

In the future:

When our first cohort get to be in Year 2 from September 2022:

Junior Leadership Team- the JLT

This is a passion of Miss Jackson’s- all schools need a team of people to lead it. The JLT are a team of children who demonstrate through a robust selection process that they have what it takes to be the children’s leaders. The number of JLT members is not capped- the children just needed to show that they hold the skills and attributes required to be a pro-active members. These children demonstrate leadership skills in all areas of school life, but particularly: helping other children, helping adults and helping our school. The children wear a specially designed badge and choose from a range of leadership activities across our school- such as: reading to younger children, playing with younger children and helping with specific tasks and jobs. This is a role of trust and enables all children to have the opportunity to hold a leadership role in their school at some point in their school career.

When our first cohort get to be in Year 6 from September 2026:

Head Boy and Head Girl Team

Through an election style process, children will be able to stand for these four prestige roles Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, only available to our Year 6 children. The Head Boy and Girl Team hold the ‘representative roles’ of the school. If there are special ‘green lanyard’ (‘safe’) visitors, the Head Boy and Girl Team will guide them around our school.