Home Learning

Quality First Teaching (QFT) in school is always THE most important thing. Home Learning is seen to accentuate the learning that occurs in school. For us, it is most about practising skills, alongside communicating with each other and learning key life skills at home.

The priorities for learning at home are:

  • children reading their take home reading book every day (5 times a week);
  • adults or older children reading to a child- the bedtime story provides such joy, in addition to being a calm part of the the bedtime routine;
  • practising times tables;
  • chatting every day- recount the day, summarise certain parts of the day and asking about feelings.

Additional desirable activities are:

  • learning spellings;
  • learning number bonds.

Home Learning is not just about the ‘school subjects’…

These are also important activities:

  • cooking together;
  • contributing to home routines- making beds, emptying paper bins, washing/ drying dishes, dusting;
  • tidying bedrooms;
  • folding clothes;
  • watering plants;
  • washing the car;
  • watching DIY.

The School Team will provide an Enquiry-linked home learning set of activities. These will link to the multiple intelligences (based on Gardner’s principles) or the different ways in which we can learn:

It is important for children to work within their preferred learning style AND to develop their non preferred styles.

Remote Learning

Remote Learning – our offer during COVID-19/coronovirus pandemic (published September 2020 and reviewed January 2021):

GPVPA Remote Learning Parent Information Pack v2.1

Here is an example of a weekly timetable to support our parents:

Remote Learning Weekly Timetable Term 3 Week 2 w.c 11.1.2021

Website summary:

GPVPA Remote Learning – School Offer – Website Summary – January 2021

Reading books online- School Subscription for Collins Connect at Reading Books and phonics e-books

Login details sent to parents by email.

Sample timetable for self isolating (non school closure):

Remote Learning Weekly Timetable If self isolating: