Core and statutory school-focussed policies are below. More policies will be added as we develop our school further.

For Trust-wide policies, please visit our REAch2 website – click here

Admissions Policy:

REAch2 Admissions Policy GPVPA 2022 2023

REAch2 Admissions Policy GPVPA 2023 2024

REAch2 Admissions Policy GPVPA 2024 2025

SIF Children Adopted from outside England

Anti-Bullying Policy:

Green Park Village Primary Academy Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy:

REAch2 Attendance, Absence and Punctuality Policy March 2022

Accessibility Policy and Plan:

GPVPA Accessibility Policy and Plan

Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy:

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for Academies – REAch2 GPVPA

Online Safety Policy

GPVPA and REAch2 Digital and Online Safety Policy

Visitors to the School Policy/ Procedure:

Green Park Village Primary Academy Visitors’ Policy and Procedure

Supporting Learners Policies

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy:


Behaviour Policy /Learner Attitudes Policy:

Green Park Village Primary Academy Learner Attitudes policy (Behaviour Policy) v September 2022

First Aid Policy:

GPVPA First Aid Policy July 2022

Pupils With Medical Conditions and Administration of Medicine Policy:

GPVPA and REAch2 Pupils with Medical Conditions and Administration of Medicine Policy

Intimate Care Policy:

GPVPA and REAch2 Intimate Care Policy (Jul 2020)

HR/ Recruitment Policies

Safer Recruitment and Selection Policy:

Safer Recruitment and Selection Policy- REAch2 GPVPA

DBS procedures:

Green Park Village Primary Academy DBS procedures

Privacy notice- applicants:


Parents/ carers Policies

Complaints Policy:

Complaints Policy

Privacy notice- parents and carers:


Charging and Remissions for Academy Activities Policy:

REAch2 Policy on Charging and Remissions for Academy Activities (July 2020)

Donations Policy and Procedures:

Donations Policy and Procedures (Oct 2020)

Uniform Policy


Learning and Teaching Policies

Assessment Policy:

GPVPA and REAch2 Assessment Policy February 2021

Learning and Teaching Policy:

Curriculum Policy:

Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy

GPVPA and REAch2 Relationships health and sex education policy

Equalities Duty Framework – statement, information and objectives:

Green Park Village Primary Academy Equality statement, objectives and information

PSHE Policy:

Green Park Village Primary Academy PSHE Policy April 2020

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy:

Green Park Village Primary Academy Early Years Foundation Stage Policy May 2020

Remote Learning Policy:

GPVPA Remote Learning Policy- January 2021

Health and Safety Policy:


Health and Safety Policy for Academy Schools- GPVPA May 2020 reviewed July 2022


REAch2 Health and Safety Policy March 2019

Whistleblowing Policy:

Speak Up and Whistleblowing Policy – update March 2021 – FINAL

C-19 testing of staff privacy notice (January 2021 DfE):

Privacy Notice – Staff in Primary and Nursery Schools

REAch2 Privacy Notice- COVID-19:

Privacy notice for COVID January 2021


Lettings Agreement

Lettings Agreement

Risk Assessments for COVID-19

Since the removal/ relaxation of measures, we refer you to the guidance produced by the Department for Education (DfE).

Since April 2022 school uses the REAch2 Infection Control Risk Assessment. If you have valid reason(s) to require sight of a copy, please contact the school via [email protected]

Former Risk Assessments:

Please note these are blank proformas used by REAch2 schools- we had our own completed versions for GPVPA, which were regularly reviewed and shared with staff, governors and REAch2.

Risk Assessment – from September 2021:

Covid-19 RA Template – Sept 2021

Risk Management Plan (RMP) COVID-19:

GPVPA Covid-19 RMP blank version 26.1.2021 for website

Risk Assessment- Lateral Flow Testing of Staff- COVID-19:

COVID-19 Risk assessment – Rapid Asymptomatic Covid-19 testing for schools V1.4 (3)

Acceptable Use Agreements


Acceptable Use Agreement – Children Key Stage 1

Acceptable Use Agreement – Children Key Stage 2

Parents/ carers

Acceptable Use Agreement – Parents and Carers