Learner Voice

Simply speaking, we do all we do in our school for the benefit of our children.

Learner Voice is one way of us establishing the impact of all actions around all areas of school life and particularly for us:

  • new learning;
  • curriculum experience;
  • experiences and feelings;
  • feeling safe.

Additionally, it gives children a way in which to feel part of their school in terms of suggesting ideas to move our school forward in different ways.

We collect and evaluate learner voice through:

-learning conversations on learning walks- leaders, learning and teaching team, governors;

-feedback they might provide in their books;

-providing questionnaires on certain topics;

-talking to children on the playground and around our school;

-learner leaders talking to their peers.

Sometimes children need a little bit extra support in school to help them to be able to learn in the best way they can. School adults help children to record their views and feelings and to share these with adults who look out for them outside of school.

A high profile way of providing a ‘voice’ to our children is through our School Council:

School Councillors

Each class is able to elect two representatives to the School Council. This election is completed via a full democratic process, in line with our work on British Values. The School Council is an opportunity to raise and discuss matters pertinent to school life. The School Council Chair and Vice Chair, will meet with Miss Jackson, Head Teacher , fortnightly after the School Council meetings are held to share the School Council’s views. The actions from this meeting are shared with all the children in assembly. The School Council will also write a report for the Local Governing Body (this might be with adult help).

We offer a range of  Learner Leadership opportunities.