Green Park Village Primary Academy is a new primary academy, part of REAch2 Academy Trust. Green Park Village Primary Academy will be a school which cultivates strong cultural, social and moral values, as identical to the REAch2 touchstones. An exciting and innovative curriculum will be made special by a wide range of unique learning experiences. A talented and well qualified workforce will engage all learners in reaching the highest standards. High aspirations and expectations will encompass the life of the school and support the development of children with high self-esteem, self-discipline and strong community spirit.

Education is an essential ingredient for future success. By taking the time to build character in every child through our ethos, code of conduct, curriculum and assemblies, we can teach all children to be successful.

The new Green Park community will have a new school to be proud of because we are not afraid to make our expectations clear and ensure they are followed. We will not compromise on a thorough grounding in literacy and maths; however, our curriculum will be exciting, motivational and strongly reflect an engagement with 21st century technologies.

Our School

Green Park Village Primary Academy has been built on the site of a new development in Reading.

Green Park Village Primary Academy will be a 2FE Primary School, catering for 420 places when full.

The Primary School is due to open in September 2020, starting off with offering 60 Reception places.

Location:   The new school is located at 2 Flagstaff Road, Green Park, Reading, RG2 6AX

Planned opening date:  September 2020

Age range:  2-11 (includes Nursery)

Admission arrangements:  Green Park Village Primary Academy will be part of the LA’s coordinated admissions scheme.

The Academy’s admissions policy is available on the Academy’s website: www.greenparkvillageacademy.org/admissions

To apply please visit Reading Borough Council’s admissions website: https://brighterfuturesforchildren.org/schools/admissions/primary/

If you have any queries, please contact via:
Telephone:  0118 467 6222
Email:  office@greenparkvillageacademy.org