PTA- supporting our school in our community

Green Park Village Primary Academy will have a PTA (Parent Teacher Association). The purpose of this will be two-fold in terms of the experiences we will work together to provide for our children:

1/ raising funds for additional resources and experiences;

2/ arranging/ providing school and community-based experiences for our children and families

If you are interested in getting involved, please email on

If you are a community organisation who would be keen to support or work with our school, please also feel free to get in touch.

Parent Voice

We ask our parents for their views on our provision at different points to aim, where possible, to meet needs as best we can.

Ahead of the Dual Learning during lockdown (January 2021), we asked parents for their views ahead of moving to our Remote Learning Offer:

Remote Learning Parent View- pre

Once our children who were Remote Learning returned to school (March 2021), we asked our parents for their feedback: